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Mediation Services Participating in the Voucher Scheme

This page lists the mediation services participating in the MoJ Mediation Voucher Scheme. Its purpose is to enable mediation firms who are not participating in the scheme to be able to find services to make referrals to, for cases which would qualify. It is frequently updated but there may be a short delay before adding services who have recently registered.

1st for Mediation /174 family Law
4×4 Mediation & Training
Aberystwyth Family Mediation
Abingdon Family Mediation
Able Mediation
Access Mediation Services
Accord Family Mediation
Adrian Clarke
Advance Family Mediation
Advantage Mediation Ltd
Aid in Family Mediation Services Ltd
Aideen Mattimore
AIM Mediation Ltd
Alison Chisholm / Berkshire Family Mediation
Allison Family Mediation Services
Alpha Mediation
Amanda Lewis
Amanda Trappes-Lomax
Amity Mediation Services
Angela Donen
Anne Braithwaite Mediation Chambers
Anthony Clark and co
Anthony Collins Family Mediation Service
Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP
Apex Family Law
Arena Mediation
Ark Mediation Limited
Ataraxy Mediation
Aurora Family Mediation
Barbara Robb Family Mediation
Barnes Clark Family Law
BD Mediation
Berkshire Family Mediation
Bernadette Hoy
Beryl Darling Mediation
BFM (Family Mediation Services) Limited
Black Country Family Mediation
Blake Morgan LLP
BLB Family Mediation Service
Breathing Space Mediation
Bridge Family Mediation
Bright Mediation
Bright Mediation UK Ltd
Burley Geach Family Mediation Services
Calm Mediation
Cambridge Family Matters
The Worcester Family Mediation Practice
Cheltenham Mediation Services Ltd
Cheshire family Mediation
Children 1st Mediation
Children First Family Mediation
Choice Family Mediation
Claire Hill
Clare Madeline Mediation
Clarion Solicitors
Clarity Works Mediation Service
Collins & Hoy Solicitors
Community Accord
Compass Resolution Mediation
Consilia Legal
CP Mediation
Crombie Wilkinson Mediation Service – Your Family First
Deborah Webber
Devon &Exeter Mediation Practice
Devon Family Solutions Ltd
Direct Mediation Services
Disputes Mediation
Divorce Jigsaw
Divorce Mediation Resolution Limited
Divorce Solutions SE
Divorce and Separation Centre
DMS Mediation and Divorce Nicely
Dr Shelagh Ltd
Dutton Gregory
Earley Solutions
Edward Cooke Family Law
Elaine Clarke
Elizabeth Sulkin
Emma Bugg
Emma Lawler
Entente Family Mediation
Eric Watterson
Essex Mediation Online
Evolve Family Mediation
Evolve Mediation Service
FAB Mediation Ltd
Faith Williams Law
Family & Partner Mediation
Family First Mediation Service
Family Law Group – Mediation
Family Law in Partnership
Family Law Mediation
Family Matters Mediate Limited
Family Matters Mediation
Family Mediation at David Gray
Family Mediation Bristol
Family Mediation Centre Staffordshire
Family Mediation Chester
Family Mediation Consortium
Family Mediation Cymru
Family Mediation North East Limited
Family Mediation Services at BG Solicitors LLP
Family Mediation Services Ltd
Family Mediation South East
Family Mediation Support
Family Mediation Surrey
Family Mediation Yorkshire
Farnfields Mediation
Farnham Mediation
First Stop Family Mediation
Focus Family Mediation
Foort Tayler
Forest Mediation
Freemans Law LLP trading as Freemans Solicitors
Freeths LLP
Gateway Family Mediation Ltd
Geldards Family Mediation Service
Godwins Solicitors LLP
Goodlaw Family Mediation Service
Goodman Ray Solicitors
Gosschalks Family Mediation
Greater Manchester Mediation Limited
Green Light Mediation
Greens Solicitors Limited
Guillaumes LLP
Hamers Solicitors LLP
Hampshire Mediation
Harte Mediation Services
Hartlaw LLP
Haymarket Family Mediation
Hedges Law
Helen Biggerstaff – Family Mediator
HLP Legal Ltd t/a 174 Family Law
Holistic Family Mediation Service
Horizon Details and London Mediation Works
Horizon Mediation
Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation
Independent Family Mediation
Inspire Family Law
Isabel Robertson
Isabel Robertson Advance Family mediation
J Farrer Mediation
Jacqueline Gregory Family Mediation
Jane Quicke
Janette Wood Mediation
JAS Mediation and Consultancy Services
JBHS Family Mediation Service
Jen Rumble Family Mediation
Jill Patrick Mediation
Jill Redshaw
JKS Mediation
JLS Mediation
JM-L Family Mediation
John Barkers Family Mediation Service
Jolly Mediation
judith scott
Juliet Adelman
Karrina Samuels
Kay & Pascoe LLP
Kee Mediation Ltd
Kelly Family Law
Kent Family Mediation Service
Kerry Williamson
Krajewski Mediation
Laceys Solicitors
Laceys Solicitors LLP
Lambda Mediation
Lesa Hall
Let’s Talk
Lightfoots LLP
Lighthouse mediation
LK Family Law & Mediation Limited
LKW Family Mediation
Lorraine Bramwell Associates
Lovegrove Mediation
LS Mediation Services Ltd
LSL Family Law
Lupton Fawcett LLP
Lyons Family Mediation
Maggie Stonadge
Manchester Family Mediation Solutions
Maura McKibbin Mediator Limited
McCluskey mediation
Mediate UK
Mediate UK
Mediated Dispute Solutions Ltd
Mediation & More LLP
Mediation at Samuel Phillips
Mediation East Sussex
Mediation First
Mediation for Families
Mediation For The Family Limited
Mediation Line
Mediation North Limited
Mediation Now
Mediation People
Mediation Solutions UK
Mediation West Wales Ltd
Mediation Wiltshire and West Ltd
MESH (Mediation Sheffield)
MiD Mediation and Counselling
Midlands Dove Mediation
Mills Mediation
Milton Keynes Family Mediation t/a Mediation MK
Minerva Mediation
Monika Pirani
Moore Barlow
Moore Family Law
MRM Mediation Services
Mutual mediation
My Mediation
NANCY KHAWAM Family Law and Mediation Limited
National Family Mediation
New Horizon Mediation Services Ltd
Norton Peskett
Olive Mediation Group Ltd
Oliver Fisher Solicitors
Otley Family Mediation
Pam Truman
Pathway Mediation
Pathway Mediation Ltd
Peaceful Solutions Mediation Service Limited
Peter Martin – Mediation for Families
Philippa Cullen Family Mediation
Portsmouth Mediation Service
Prettys Solicitors LLP
Prime Dialogue Mediation
Prime Resolution Ltd
Rachel Jaysan Family Mediation
Rachel Marsden
Rathbone Family Mediation
Reena Ghai
Relate London North West & Herts
Relate Mediation London North East & Essex
reunite International Child Abduction Centre
Richardson Family Law
Ries Solicitors and Mediators – family solutions
Risdon Hosegood
Rollits LLP
Royds Withy King
S J Mediation Limited
Sadler Cross Family Law
Sally Brooks
Sandra Marshall Family Mediation Services
Sarah Smith Mediation Services
Shomini Whiting
Shropshire Mediation Service
Sills Mediation
Simply Mediation Limited
South East London Family Mediation Bureau
South West Mediation
Southern Family Mediation Ltd
Sparlings Solicitors
Spectrum Inc. Ltd
Staffordshire Family Mediation Service
Staffordshire Mediation Ltd
Start Mediation Ltd
Steele Raymond llp
Stepping Stones Mediation Ltd
Sternberg Reed Mediation
Stone King Mediation
Stratford Family Mediation Ltd
Sue West Family Mediation
Summit Family Mediation Limited
Surrey Family & Mediation Services
Susan Booth
Susan Howarth & Co
Susan Nathan
Susan Regi Mediator
Sutton Family Mediation Limited
Talk and Resolve Mediation
Talk First
Talk Mediation Ltd
Taylor & Emmet
Taylor Roberts Family Mediation Service
Tees Valley Mediation
Thames Valley Family Mediation Service Ltd
THB Mediation
The Challenge of Excellence
The Family Mediation Centre
The Family Mediation Practice Ltd.
The Family Mediation Trust
The London Mediation Service
The Mediation People
The Mediation Place
The Mediation Station
The Worcester Family Mediation Practice
Thomson Snell & Passmore
Thornton Jones solicitors
Tina Day
TLC: Talk, Listen, Change
Together Professional Services
Trethowans LLP
Trinity Mediation
Vale mediation
Venters Family Mediation
Venture Mediation
Victoria Scott Mediation
Vollans Mediation
Wace Morgan Family Mediation Service
Wareing Family Mediation
Warner Goodman LLP
Warwickshire Mediation
WeCare Mediation Service
Wells Family Mediation
Wessex Family Mediation Centre Limited
West Sussex Mediation Service
West Yorkshire Family Mediation Service
Wilkinson Woodward Family Mediation Service
Williams Thompson Solicitors LLP
Windrush Family Mediation Limited
Wirral Family Law & Mediation Service
Wye Valley Mediation
York Family Mediation Service
Your Family Matters