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FMC Board of Directors

Each member organisation can appoint a director to the FMC Board of Directors. There is provision within the Articles of Association  the to co-opt up to three other directors. The board meets approximately every two months to consider matters of common concern.


Currently the Directors are:

John Taylor (co-opted) (Chair)

Allan Blake (co-opted)

Caroline Bowden, appointed by the Law Society

Alison Bull, appointed by Resolution

Jan Coulton, appointed by College of Mediators

Sarah Hawkins, appointed by NFM

Beverley Sayers, appointed by FMA




The following are entitled to attending board meetings, as observers:

A representative of the Family Mediation Standards Board

A representative of the Family Justice Council

A representative of the Ministry of Justice


The FMSB & FMC share an administrative office and Executive Officer.


FMC Minutes

The approved minutes of FMC Board meetings are published below:

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 6.12.23

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 13.9.23

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 14.6.23

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 8.3.23

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 7.12.22

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 14.9.22

Minutes FMC Board Meeting 15.6.22

Minutes FMC Meeting 9.3.2022

Minutes FMC Meeting 8.12.2021

Minutes FMC Meeting 8.9.2021

Minutes FMC Meeting 9.6.2021

Minutes FMC Meeting 10.3.2021

Minutes FMC & FMSB Joint Meeting 13.1.2021

Minutes FMC Meeting 2.12.2020

Minutes FMC Meeting 9.9.2020

Minutes FMC Meeting 4.6.2020

Minutes FMC Meeting 4.3.2020

Minutes FMC & FMSB Joint Meeting 11.2.2020

Minutes FMC Meeting 4.12.2019

Minutes FMC Meeting 24.9.2019

Minutes FMC Meeting 12.6.2019

Minutes FMC Meeting 6.3.2019