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FMC Board of Directors

Each member organisation can appoint a director to the FMC Board of Directors. There is provision within the Articles of Association  the to co-opt up to three other directors. The board meets approximately every two months to consider matters of common concern.


Currently the Directors are:

Allan Blake (co-opted)

Beverley Sayers, appointed by FMA

Dan Ronson (co-opted)

Ewan Malcolm, appointed by College of Mediators

Jane Robey, appointed by NFM

Jane Wilson, appointed by Resolution

John Taylor (co-opted) (Chair)

There is one current vacancy for a director, who will be nominated by The Law Society.


Attending board meetings, as observers, are:

Chair of the Family Mediation Standards Board

A representative of the Family Justice Council

A representative of the Ministry of Justice


The FMSB & FMC share an administrative office and Executive Officer.