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Family Mediation Week

What is Family Mediation Week?

Family Mediation Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of family mediation and of the benefits it can bring to separating families. Our aim is to let more people know about the benefits of family mediation and encourage separating couples to think about family mediation as a way of helping them take control, make decisions together and build a positive future for their family.

When is Family Mediation Week?

Family Mediation Week takes place in January each year. Family Mediation Week 2024 took place from 22 – 26 January.

What happens during Family Mediation Week?

Over the course of the Family Mediation Week, we publish resources, information, blog posts and issue news stories to local, regional and national media explaining the benefits of mediation. Our events are for members of the public, lawyers, other professionals working with separating families and for mediators. Please see details of the events here:

As a mediator or another professional working with separated families, how do I get more involved?

Please see our Guide to Getting Involved.

Thank you to our Family Mediation Week 2024 sponsors

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