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Why Choose an FMC Registered Mediator?

Anyone can call themselves a family mediator, even if they have had no training. Choosing a mediator from the FMC Register guarantees that a mediator is appropriately trained and qualified.

The FMC Register lists mediators who have been trained to agreed professional standards, who follow the FMC’s Code of Practice, maintain their professional practice by carrying out appropriate professional development activities, and are supported by a supervisor (known as a Professional Practice Consultant). They are fully insured and offer access to a complaints process if something goes wrong.

Mediators on the FMC Register are either accredited or working towards accreditation. Both meet the criteria set out above. Mediators working towards accreditation have trained more recently, and are gaining experience to become accredited; they receive additional support from their Professional Practice Consultant. Accredited mediators (known as FMCA mediators) have considerable experience and have demonstrated they meet a strict set of criteria for accreditation; they are recognised by the courts as the only professionals qualified to sign the MIAM section on relevant court forms.

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