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An introduction to mediation for corporates & HR professionals

In helping to support families businesses can play a supportive role. Often when someone is facing difficulties in their relationship it can affect their mental health and an employee’s performance at work. This webinar aims to provide information to businesses to be aware and mindful of the impact separation can have on their work force. It also aims to provide useful information to employers to pass on to their employees to support them if they are going through a divorce or separation.

Watch the recording here.

Your speakers
James Hayhurst is the founder of the Positive Parenting Alliance and creator of the Parents Promise. Having seen up close the multitude of issues in the family courts and the numbers of children and parents affected James wanted to begin a new conversation about separation. In May 2021, after many conversations with like-minded people and organisations the Parents Promise was launched.

Gary O’Brien is a Chartered Financial Planner and our Manager Director. Using over 35 years of experience in financial services, he’ll help you to organise your finances. His time at work is split between helping clients plan and achieve the future they want, whilst running the business itself.
Sarah Manning is a Partner at Hall Brown and practices as both a solicitor and mediator dealing with financial and children matters. Sarah is a hybrid mediator specialising in complex, high net worth mediation cases by utilising other professionals working with separated families. Sarah is also a trained child inclusive mediator and can speak to children within the mediation process if appropriate.