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Self-care when managing and working with conflict

Family Mediation Week 2024 Webinar for lawyers and mediators

Self-care isn’t an expensive luxury, it is a necessity we can ill-afford to go without when we work in the field of resolving conflict.

Juliette considers the requirement for family mediators to undertake at least 4 PPC sessions a year a fundamental part of ethical mediation practice.  Sadly, all too often, the restorative element of PPC sessions comes a poor third to the requirement of the provision of information and guidance and, in the case of Family Lawyers, there is no requirement for any self-care at all! The purpose of this session is to remind all professionals who work in the field of managing and resolving conflict that self-care is not an expensive luxury but a necessity if we are to protect ourselves from empathy exhaustion and burnout.

Watch the recording.

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Juliette Kinsey is an Accredited Family Mediator, PPC, Family Law Solicitor and Therapist.