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PPCs who have capacity to take on a mediator working towards accreditation as a consultee

Practice Consultant 

(Listed in random order. Click on the PPC’s name to see their contact details).

Preferred geographical area

(This indicates that PPCs are willing to take on consultees in the areas set out below, or consultees who are willing to travel to the areas set out below. It is only a guide, designed to save consultees and PPCs time in unnecessary phone calls about geography. Where this has been left blank, the PPC has not specified a preference but it is advisable for consultees to check a PPC’s location before contacting them).

Polly Rowan Hamilton London & South East England
Jen Rumble North West England & North Wales
Will Stewart Based in Surrey, but happy to take consultees from many locations (including virtual)
Belinda Yamagishi London & South East England
Kathleen Straub London & South East
David Ellis Based in London, but happy to take consultees from anywhere
Hazel Manktelow Based in Hampshire but happy to take consultees from London and the South East
Catherine O’Mahoney Kent, London
Robyn Allardice-Bourne Central London, Salisbury Wiltshire
Vicky Medd Yorkshire, Lancashire and Tyneside
Juliette Chatterton Based in London but happy to take consultees from anywhere with online supervision
Dawn Harrison Kent
Joanna Chawla London, South East & Oxfordshire
Jennie Byrne
Sarah Mellish
Dianne Burke North and West Yorkshire
Amanda Trappes-Lomax Hampshire and Wiltshire
Michael Stocken
Fiona Glenday
Mary Raymont
Austin Chessell London based but happy to take consultees from anywhere including online supervision
Philip Goodall
Deborah Butterworth London, South East, Home Counties & East Anglia
Michelle Solomon Milton Keynes & Greater London
Pam Hatfield South East England
Karen Schirn South East, East and North London
Suzanna Stein London, Kent
Elizabeth Sulkin
Penny Rogers Devon, Cornwall, Somerset
Christine Parker East Midlands, Yorkshire & the Humber
Alexis Walker West and South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire (west of Manchester)
Nikki Brauer Kent and London
Paulette Morris West London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire
Andrew Sims London, South East England
Andrew Baines Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire
Neil Davies
Jane Wilson
Joan Bishop
Leah Caldwell Northamptonshire
Juliet Wilkinson  London & SE England
Alison Ambrose South East England
Karen Beevers
Louise Carrington-Dye Thames Valley & South West (including Cornwall)
Tanja Dodd
Amanda Brown
Nicola Crowther
Marilyn Webster All locations
Emma Bradford North and West Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire
Daniel Priest
Abigail Kirk Midlands
Sue Roe
Elizabeth Hunt Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan
Cressida Burnet London, Greater London
Sally Clark West & North Yorkshire
Emma Harte London
Shelagh Wright  Maidenhead
Stan Angel
Clare Kitteridge Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North West London and central London areas
Martin Dodd
Sue Hollywood
Rebekah Harris
Anna Vollans
Emma Bugg London, SE, Home Counties
Sarah England South East, East and North London
Anne Braithwaite
Mabel Edge
Jennifer Miles Hampshire & neighbouring counties
Frances Anderson London & South East England
Lorraine Colombi Essex & Suffolk
Megan Moreland Humberside, North Yorks, York, Middlesborough, North East
John Mitchell
Zen Thompson
Gaynor Walsh
Pippa Bassett South West England
Barbara Robb East Anglia
Kerry Williamson Oxfordshire
Clare Thornton
Craig Brookes Surrey, Kent, Sussex, London
Louisa Whitney
Judi Lyons Berkshire
Andrea Boutcher Bath, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, Penzance to Truro
Elaine Richardson
Jan Coulton Nationwide
Eric Watterson Herts, Essex, Central London, North London
Alison Tremeer
Elizabeth Bilton
Frances Place Bristol and west of Bristol
Glynne Davies Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, London
Janet Flawith
Judith Scott Yorks & Humber, London
Fiona Sawkins
Sue Tilley London & South East
Juliette Dalrymple Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, London
Claire Webb Hampshire
Carolyn Hanes
Adele Wilkinson
Nigel Clarke
Stephen Anderson
Paul Kemp
Karen Barham
Adrienne Cox London and South West England
Suzy Power London