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The Family Mediation Council (FMC) is dedicated to promoting best practice in family mediation. Our central aim is to ensure the public can confidently access family mediation services that offer high quality mediation provided by mediators who meet our standards.

As part of our main objective, we aim to:

  • provide a collaborative forum for members working in the field of family mediation
  • represent the views and interests of such professionals and such adults and children who benefit from family mediation
  • develop and promote professional standards for the training and practice of family mediation and ensure adherence to and maintenance of such standards
  • collate and provide advice and information on all aspects of family mediation
  • develop, promote and provide education and training in the practice of family mediation
  • advance, promote and carry on study and research into family mediation and disseminate the useful results of such research
  • provide the profession of family mediation as a whole, the members, mediation services and family mediators with one unified body to make representations to government and other national interests and to promote family mediation to the media and others.

The FMSB is a standing committee of the FMC and is responsible for advising the FMC Board on the content of the FMC Standards and Self-Regulation Framework and for its implementation.

Further details of our objectives can be found in our Articles of Association.