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Qualifications and training


3.1          Mediators must have successfully completed such training as is approved by a Member Organisation and accredited by the Council to qualify them to mediate upon those matters upon which they offer mediation.

3.2          Mediators must be a member of a Member Organisation and must therefore have successfully demonstrated personal aptitude for mediation and competence to mediate.

3.3          Mediators must satisfy their Member Organisation that they have made satisfactory arrangements for regular professional practice consultancy with a professional practice consultant who is a member of and approved for the purpose by a Member Organisation.

3.4          Mediators must agree to maintain and improve their skills through continuing professional development courses approved by a Member Organisation and/or the Council.

3.5          Mediators may only undertake direct consultation with children when they have successfully completed specific training approved by their Member Organisation and/or the Council and have received specific clearance from the Criminal Records Bureau.

3.6          Mediators undertaking publicly funded mediation must have been assessed as competent to do so by a recognised assessment scheme.

3.7          Mediators must not mediate upon any case unless they are covered by adequate professional indemnity insurance.

3.8          Mediators must abide by the complaints and disciplinary procedures laid down by the Member Organisation of which they are a member.

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