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Renewing Accreditation

Mediators need to renew their accreditation status once every three years (a different period may apply in the first instance if you transferred in to FMCA).

Mediators who are PPCs or are qualified to conduct Child Inclusive Mediation also need to apply to renew these statuses at the same time as applying for re-accreditation.

The FMSB operates the re-accreditation process on behalf of the FMC. To renew FMCA status through the FMC, a mediator needs to complete the re-accreditation form and send it to fmsb@familymediationcouncil.org.uk

Upon receipt, the FMSB will consider your application and can decide to
– renew your accreditation for three years
– ask you for further information before making a decision on your application
– require you to take further steps in order to renew your accreditation or
– withdraw accreditation.

If you do not agree with the FMSB’s decision you may appeal.

The requirements to renew accreditation and PPC status are summarised in the Renewal of Accreditation Guidance along with notes on how to complete the form. Please also see this example of how to complete Sections A, B and C on the Re-accreditation Form. The requirements are set out in full in the FMC Manual of Professional Standards and Self-Regulatory Framework.