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A Family Mediation Week Blog: Our Family Wizard, an Invaluable Aid to Encourage Co-Parenting

Effective parenting communication is crucial if children are to survive unscathed (both emotionally and physically) their parents separation. However, correcting dysfunctional communication is not a five minute exercise, so any initiative that help parents manage their emotions and interact more effectively is both welcome and necessary.

In my role as a family law mediator I have recommended the use of Our Family Wizard to many of my clients since its inception and it has proved an essential guide, particularly in high conflict cases.

One particular feature of OFW that has helped cool the fire of discord and discourage the hurling of vitriol at the other parent is the “tonemeter”. As the tonemeter asks the sender to amend any offensive or derogatory content before it is sent, it has also proved to be an effective educational tool to encourage more respectful and therefore effective communication.

The calendar is another feature that encourages positive and stress-free scheduling of parenting arrangements, including the split of school holidays.

Another common area of conflict is parents accusing each other of not informing the other of medical or school appointments. OFW info bank is therefore another great conflict-reducing feature to ensure that parents are kept informed.

The messaging feature with its “first viewed” time stamp is yet another tool to help parents reply to messages in a timely manner. This is another common area of antagonism.

Relevant documents and expenses can be conveniently logged on OFW. This versatile app has proved its worth over and over again with parents who are committed to communicating more effectively for the sake of their children.

Our Family Wizard remains at the forefront of technology designed to help reduce friction and encouraging positive and stress-free co-parenting.

Kenneth Clarke

Laceys Mediation