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Resources for Mediators and Other Professionals Working with Separated Families

Family Mediation Week is a great opportunity to share resources and so we have posted those referenced in seminars, blogs etc where we have permission to do so.

All these resources have been recommended & shared by a FMC Registered Mediator; it should not be assumed that they are endorsed by the FMC, as it does not have capacity to check each resource. Mediators are therefore encouraged to make their own judgments about if and when these resources may be helpful.

Resources for mediation participants

FMA CIM Video An introduction to Child Inclusive Mediation from FMA
Tom’s Story An introduction to Child Inclusive Mediation from the University of Exeter
Top Tips for Separated Parents Top Tips from the Family Justice Young People’s Board
Separated Parents Information Programme Information about the SPIP from CAFCASS
A survival guide to sorting out your finances when you get divorced From Advicenow
Survival Guide to Pensions on Divorce From Advicenow
Pensions on Divorce – what should you do? (short film) From Advicenow
How to fill in your financial statement (Form E) (film) From Advicenow
A survival guide to sorting out child arrangements From Advicenow
Getting affordable advice from a family solicitor via Advicenow From Advicenow
101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children A book put together by Only Dads and Only Mums with various professional contributors
Parenting Apart: How divorced and separated parents can raise happy and secure kids By Christina McGhee


Resources for mediators & other professionals (or to use with clients)

OurFamilyWizard Resource Kit An overview of how to use OurFamilyWizard
The Divorce Manual
A DIY manual for separating couples, designed to be used with a Mediation support team

Books for mediators & other professionals

Family Mediation Lisa Parkinson

Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues

Marian Roberts & Maria Federica Moscati
Going it Alone – How to set up and market a family mediation business Catherine Frances and Richard Wyatt