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Professional Practice Consultants (PPCs)

This area is for Professional Practice Consultants (PPCs). Here you will find information on administration, training, resources and professional standards for PPCs.

As a PPC, you should:

  • be a member of an FMC Member organisation;
  • be registered with the FMC as an accredited mediator;
  • act as a PPC for a minimum of four hours per year (i.e. the equivalent of supporting one mediator), which may be averaged over three years;
  • re-register your PPC status every three years, normally at the same time that you renew your FMC accreditation; and
  • be supported by your own PPC in your initial training and maintenance of your PPC status.

Initial PPC training must consist of at least 15 guided learning hours provided by an approved course provider. A list of future courses can be found here or by contacting the provider directly.

A more detailed explanation of the requirements between training and accreditation, as well as the post-accreditation requirements, can be found by reading more about the FMC’s professional standards.

Information can be found in the links below:

Resources for PPCs


Renewal of Accreditation and PPC status

CPD for PPCs

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Code of Practice

Standards Framework

PPC Code of Practice and Guidance


Get in touch

We endeavour to put all the information you need on this website but if you need further advice then we can be reached by email at info@familymediationcouncil.org.uk or by telephone on 01707 594055 between 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday.