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Approved Foundation Training Courses

If you are would like to start working towards FMCA, you must first attend an FMC approved training course. The FMSB approves foundation courses on behalf of the FMC.

The following providers currently run approved foundation training courses:

ADR Group was an approved family mediation foundation training course provider when owned by IDR Europe Ltd. A different company (ADR Group Limited) now runs ADR Group. The FMC’s Standards Framework requires course providers to apply for re-approval in these circumstances. The FMSB has therefore suspended ADR Group’s status as an approved foundation training course provider until such time as it applies for and is granted re-approval.

Training started prior to 16th May 2016

If you carried out foundation training which started before 16th May 2016, different criteria apply – you must have attended training approved by one of the FMC member organisations.

Other foundation training

If your foundation training started on or after 16th May 2016, and this was not accredited, you may apply to the FMC to obtain FMCA via a non-standard route. Similarly if you carried out your training in a different jurisdiction (at any time) you may apply to the FMC to obtain FMCA via a non-standard route. For more details, see Part 1, Appendix 4  of the FMC Manual of Professional Standards and Self-Regulatory Framework.

For more information about how to apply to the FMC for accreditation, click here.